I’m not a writer, I’ve never been one, and I’ve known this since my school essays. Every time I passed the column and a half it was a challenge.

Publishing articles on a regular basis takes up a lot of my time, and not just strictly for writing. So I took inspiration from Troy Hunt and thought that creating a monthly summary to update you on my current status and possible future directions might be a good investment of time.

This thing, if I can pursue it over time, will also be useful to me tomorrow.

Recap 0.

Exactly one month ago today I announced a new side project. Well, I managed to create the first strategy regarding resource naming in Azure.

The next step is to define the other two strategies, concerning localisation and tagging.

I also plan to create a library in Python so that I can integrate it into the Azure CLI.


  1. Build your own Azure CLI Extensions: great article on how to create an extension to the Azure CLI.