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How to use a raw SQL script with Entity Framework migrations?

One of the most complex things to manage in the development of any application, from simple client applications to the most complex enterprise solutions, concerns the management of persistence. In the .NET environment some of this complexity can be managed through the use of migrations implemented internally in Entity Framework. Often this feature is seen as a utility purely for the use of developers to update the database schema. When we think we have arrived at a stable situation we drop all migration and start from a clean situation....

Jul 2, 2022 · Last modified on May 27, 2023 · 4 min · Nicola Biancolini
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How to include code coverage in Azure DevOps pipeline?

By code coverage, we mean the action of trying to measure how much of our code has been executed by our tests. This sound like TL;DR Untested code is a broken code. Definitely a strong statement but true in a way, we don’t always manage to get enough coverage. Often this happens because we don’t have time, other times because despite having written tests we are not able to read the metrics....

Jan 2, 2021 · Last modified on May 27, 2023 · 4 min · Nicola Biancolini